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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What kind of 'stick' are you?

The sermon at my church last Sunday was thought provoking. The pastor told the story about a man who had 7 sons. The father wanted to teach them a lesson, so he picked up 7 sticks and bundled them tightly and asked each son to try to break the bundle. Each son tried, but they couldn't break the bound sticks. Then he pulled out one of the sticks and snapped it easily over his knee.

The father reminded his sons that if they stick together, they will be indestructible, but if they go it alone, they can be easily broken. As women, we are spread so thin meeting the needs of everyone around us; our husbands, kids, bosses, customers that we can forget about taking care of ourselves. We can become a single stick.

I know that sometimes I feel like that single stick. That's actually why I created the Redwood Sisterhood. If you are bundling with other women in a way that strengthens you, share your secret. If you feel like you are a single stick, share that too, and visit our online community at the Redwood Sisterhood http:www.redwoodsisterhood.com.

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