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Monday, August 3, 2009

Do you have the Guts of a Leader?

What courageous act of daring do will you face today as a woman leader? Will you have to give someone negative feedback or a bad performance review? Will you have to share some bad news to your employees or subordinates? Will you have to tell your boss something they don't want to hear? Will you have to take responsibility for someone else's mistake, because you are the boss? Will you have to humble yourself to a customer because you failed to meet their expectations?

It is scary to be a woman leader today. It really takes courage to communicate bad news, give someone feedback that they may not want to hear or take responsibility and all the hits that come with it.

"Life is sad, believe me Missy,

When you're born to be a sissy,

without the vim and verve"

(From the wise lyrics sung by the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz)

The mark of a truly great leader is courage. Think about the leader that you most respect and I bet they showed courage under fire. They didn't back away from tough conversations, or delegate the job of sending bad news. No, they took responsibility, and responsibility takes guts.
Eight to eighteen amazing women will be working on their bravery as we delve into the 'stomach' of a leader on the third day of our four day Leadership Anatomy Retreat for Women, November 18-22, 2009 in the Sonoma Valley of California. Will you have the courage to be one of them?