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Everyone needs success partners to come along side and help them to achieve the dreams that they envisioned for themselves. I am the Dream Partner Catalyst because I come along side small businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations and leaders and help propel them toward their dream visions. I hope you find these posts encouraging!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Be and Get Dream Partners for Success: Secret #6 Promote your Values

"When you achieve complete congruence between your values and your goals, like a hand in a glove, you feel strong, happy, healthy, and fully integrated as a person. You develop a kind of courage that makes you completely unafraid to make decisions and take action. Your whole life improves when you begin living your life by the values that you most admire."Brian Tracy. Let people know who you are by communicating your values. Allow them to become the guiding values of your goals in work and life. Integrate them into everything that you do and then watch the power that will come into your life.

Here is an exercise that our mini mastermind did just last week: Brainstorm a list of values that are really important to you. Then, prioritize the top three that really guide your life and work. Look at those three values and begin to see ways to communicate them to your customers and potential dream partners. Weave them into your website copy, email copy, blog posts, facebook,linkedin and twitter posts. Talk about them in conversations with co-workers, customers and colleagues. Soon, people will see you as these values and want to connect with you because of them.

This is the reason for this series on dream partners. I want to share, through these posts, who I am and who I am looking for to be part of the Redwood Sisterhood. I hope that you will check out our community if you have something of value to share with women and are in need of high quality dream partners to become your support system and word of mouth sales force. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Be and Get Dream Partners for Success: Secret #5 See Opportunities not Obstacles

"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties." ~Harry Truman. Before opening the Redwood Sisterhood, I was in a job that I didn't enjoy. I was not challenged and wasn't really using my gifts and talents to my satisfaction. But, that job was a gift to me in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to really take stock in my dreams. So, I left that job and opened the Redwood Sisterhood.

It hasn't been easy to have a new business in this economy. But, even the challenges and the many learning curves of a new venture have been opportunities. Technical glitches that felt devastating in the moment, were actually opportunities to fine tune the process and improve the customers' experience. I believe that if things are too easy, there is a danger in slipping into mediocrity. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn something and improve.

If you want to be a good dream partner for someone else and want to attract dream partners for yourself, put on the lens of opportunity. When a partner comes along and is devastated by a problem or challenge, be the one who helps them see the silver lining. Pull them out of the negative place so that they can begin to climb out into the light of opportunity. Hopefully, you will be modeling that behavior for them too, so that when you are in a dark place, they can do the same for you. In every tough situation, pause and ask; What can I learn here? How can this challenge lead me to an opportunity?

Monday, October 5, 2009

How to be and get dream partners for success: Secret #4 Think Big http://bit.ly/xpW0Z

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Be and Get Dream Partners for Success: Secret #4 Think Big

"Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom." Merry Browne . What is the glass ceiling of your mind? What is the highest achievement that you can imagine for yourself? For some the measure is money related. They imagine themselves making six figures while others image seven. For others, the ceiling is related to a job or role title. They just see themselves as working on the line, never daring to jump up a level of management. As Henry Ford once said; "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."
So, what is your mental glass ceiling? Do you have a picture of it in your mind? OK. now imagine yourself raising that bar . I am not a money motivated person. So, it was hard for me, with my nonprofit service heart, to think like a for profit business women at first. But, the truth is, I can serve more people if the business is more successful, so I raised my glass ceiling. The view is completely different up there.

Dream partners want to know that the people that they are buying from or joint venturing with have big goals. There are plenty of obstacles to success these days, don't let your mind be one of them.