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Monday, February 21, 2011

Know that You're Good

In the movie, Get Low, Quinn and Buddy approach the mysterious hermit Felix Bush's house to sell him a funeral, and Quinn makes Buddy go alone.

Not only is this a scary situation for Buddy because it was his first sales call, but because his client is a notorious and unpredictable hermit. His boss Quinn challenges him to do this call alone because “If you don’t do this yourself you will never know if you’re good, and you will never be good unless you know that you are.”

Did you know that you grow stronger when you step out and face your fears? Doing something that you don’t think you can do helps you to stretch your boundaries. It helps you gain confidence. If Buddy can be successful in this situation, he can be successful in any situation. Felix Bush had a need. He made his need known. If you believe that your product or service is good and helpful for people, then do what you need to do to help people connect with it.

Practice makes you good at something. When you get good at something then you will be more confident about it. When you are more confident, you will do it more, which will make you do it better.

Remember, you will never be good at something unless you know you are!