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Monday, January 3, 2011

Can your Genius Come out to Play?

When I was a kid I had to have a few ear operations. My parents always scheduled them in the summer so I wouldn't miss school. Not only did I miss some fun time being in the hospital, but, then there was the recovery time. I had a helmet of bandages and I wasn't allowed outside until they came off. I did miss playing outside with my friends. Those summers were the low point of my childhood.

Do you ever keep your genius cooped up like that? Stuck behind a window with all of the fun stuff happening outside? Every once in a while, you let it out, but for the most part, you keep it hidden inside when all the fun is happening outside. What is your genius? It's three things:

The stuff that you are really Good At; the stuff that you LOVE to do, and the stuff that people NEED you to do because it would HELP THEM.

When you are clear about those three things and begin to let them shine, you are letting your genius come out to play. Ask yourself about what those three things are for you and then ask the people that are closest to you to answer them for you too. See if what they say is the same as what you think. Sometimes people see our genius clearer than we do ourselves.

What opportunity is presenting itself for you TODAY to let your genius out to play?