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Monday, June 15, 2009

Leveraging Other People's Skills through Community Bartering

The rich get richer by leveraging other people's money. Not rich? Here is the good news: Women can get help and succeed in these tough economic times by leveraging other people's skills through time banking, a community bartering program at the Redwood Sisterhood.

Starting or keeping a small business alive in 2009 is tough work. How successful would you and your business be if you had expert help with strategic planning, marketing and public relations, search engine optimization, social networking, financing, legal, copy writing, ...etc. You may be strong in some of these areas, but who can be an expert in every area? Most start-up business owners just don't have the cash to pay for help in all of those areas?

Since most of us can't afford all of that help, we do without; spinning our wheels, reinventing the wheel, taking one step forward and three steps back, (the metaphors can go on forever on this one). Even though we muddle through and learn something new each day, one thing is certain, we can't do it alone, and most of us can't afford to buy the help. Time banking can help!

Time Banking Assumptions

  • We all have the same 24 hours in a day,

  • We all have different gifts, talents and skills that we can use to help others,

  • We all need some services for which we are not experts and for which we cannot afford,

  • Time can be a currency in and of itself without money values attached to it.

How does Time Banking Work?

Redwood Sisterhood Exclusive Access members receive 'time dollars' for either participating in Redwood Sisterhood activities, or for sharing their expertise with others within the community. One hour of time equals one time dollar. These time dollars can be banked and spent on any service offered by any member within the nationwide community.

How is Time Banking different than Regular Bartering?

Time Banking is completely tax free because no money values are attached to time, and exchanges occur within the community and not between two parties. You cannot exchange time for something other than time. So, services need to be defined in time hours and not end product deliverables. For example, a strategic plan document is not the deliverable, but the consultation time to help you to get a strategic plan could be purchased with time dollars.

TIME is of the Essence

There is no time to lose. You can be getting and giving help within an amazing community of women now. Join the Redwood Sisterhood Today as an Exclusive Access Member and you can be saving money and getting the help that you need from experts nationwide. Click HERE for more information about the other benefits of Redwood Sisterhood community. Join before July 31, 2009 and save $100 on membership. 'Together we grow Stronger'

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  1. Interesting perspective and a fine blog Patty. Thanks for sharing. Ryan