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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep Going

In this clip from Facing the Giants Coach Taylor challenges Brock to do his very best in a super challenging ‘death crawl’ exercise. He winds up realizing that he can do more than he thought he could and inspires the rest of the team with his perseverance.

Blindfolded and pressing on with the sometimes encouraging sometimes loud pushing of his coach, Brock simply pushes himself to keep going until the coach tells him he can stop. He made it all the way to the end zone; 5 times farther than he thought he was set out to go. Here are some of the take aways from this clip.

Do your best- Your best is so much more than you think it is. Really challenge yourself to do more than you think you are capable of.

Succeed with the help of others- Do you that there is a huge difference between what you can do by yourself verses what you can do with the help of others? Brock definitely did more because of that coach encouraging him.

Don’t give up- Brock was tired, his muscles were burning, that football player on his back was getting heavier and heavier. Do you face challenges daily that make you want to quit? Keep going, and persevere. That’s how to reach goals. There will always be challenges. It’s how you handle them that make you a success..

Encourage others- Brock thought that exercise was all about him. The entire team was affected by that experience. He was inspiring to others without even realizing it. People are watching how you handle your challenges, so make sure you handle them well.

Do you have a person to root you on like this coach? If not, get one. We all need dream partners to keep those big dreams alive. Keep going!

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  1. Hi Patty, I found your blog through a link to personal and professional development from my blog profile. I will be posting on the aspects of self esteem and self confidence which will enable people to think enough about themselves to realize what their dreams are and to make plans to follow through with them. I hope that as my blog grows that they can find your blog as well. I am new to blogging but very excited about the channels that this will open up. Please take a look at my blog as well! Thanks, Val