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Everyone needs success partners to come along side and help them to achieve the dreams that they envisioned for themselves. I am the Dream Partner Catalyst because I come along side small businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations and leaders and help propel them toward their dream visions. I hope you find these posts encouraging!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Be and Get Dream Partners for Success: Secret #2 Work Hard for What you Want

"Apply yourself. Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something. Don't just stand there, make it happen." Lee Iacocca. There are actually two secrets in todays post: the first is to know what you want and the second is to work hard to get it. Successful people are very clear about what they want and day by day they work toward it. Part of knowing what you want is knowing who you are. Your dream is an extention of you. Your ideal client is a reflection of you. What would you want to do if you knew you couldn't fail? Who do you see yourself being in the future? A CEO? A small business owner? An inventor? A published author? Retired at a young age?

Remember when you were in school and got in a school project with a partner or a team. Invariably, I was the one that got stuck doing all the work. I would pray that the next time there was a partner opportunity, I could find someone who would do their part. Nothing is more frustrating than being paired with someone who doesn't pull their weight. You have to want your dream enough to really work for it. Not all of the work that it takes to make it is fun. Do it anyway. Nothing frustrates me more as an executive coach or organization development consultant than hearing someone say that they want something and then they don't work for it.

I want to partner with hard workers and so do you. If you know exactly what your gifts, talents, services and contributions can be to another person's dream and you are willing to share them, you make it easy for them to want you to come along side you as a dream partner.

Do you know what you want? Are you a hard worker?


  1. You know, you are right:) Too often we dream of something but then as soon as reality sets in, we chicken out. I mean how many times have you heard people complain about their jobs? and compare that to what they have done to stay up to date. Have they read every possible magazine,blog,article,book etc related to their profession?

    Let us start acting like adults again!

  2. Hi Patty,

    I'm loving your articles and resonate with them!


    Beverly Coggins
    Owner, MomAudience.com, A Marketplace for Moms - List Your Biz Free!
    Organizing Expert, Speaker, Author of 1-2-3...Get Organized series and blog

  3. Thanks Bev! You made my day!! -Patty