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Everyone needs success partners to come along side and help them to achieve the dreams that they envisioned for themselves. I am the Dream Partner Catalyst because I come along side small businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations and leaders and help propel them toward their dream visions. I hope you find these posts encouraging!

Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Be and Get Dream Partners for Success: Secret #3 Invest in Yourself

"The most expensive piece of real estate is the six inches between your right and left ear. It’s what you create in that area that determines your wealth. We are only really limited by our mind." -Dolf de Roos. What will it take for you to acheive your dream? Will it take a few classes or a higher education? Maybe it will take thinking outside the box, or taking a huge risk.

I like to partner with people who love to learn and challenge themselves all the time. There is creativity and excitement in learning. If you are not learning, you aren't growing and in this day and age, can you really afford not to be growing? I have found that the learning curves of trying to figure out everything I need to do for my business are mountainous. You can go the free route and it will get you a little ways on your journey, but honestly, those learning curves climbing that mountain can really be exhausting.

Why do I invest in myself? Because as they say on the L'Oreal commercials, I'm worth it. Thankfully, the Redwood Sisterhood offers the opportunities to learn and get support of other amazing women. Invest in yourself and others will want to invest in you. Are you worth your own investment?


  1. Every opportunity to read, watch and learn from others, I'm there...I see people waste their time chatting about useless topics (mostly about others, out of jealousy), then I moved on and away from them...I'm very protective of my own time...I'm very selective who I spend time with...I would like to be a part of your group...

  2. Rosaliza,

    Thanks for your comments. I am writing these posts to share the kind of people that I hope to come along side us at the Redwood Sisterhood. I hope that you do decide to join us. Check us out at http://www.RedwoodSisterhood.com and I hope to meet you inside the Sisterhood soon.

  3. This info is so true.So few fully understand that your mindset can make the difference between success and failure. I teach and help people train their brain for success, with a special passion for women in business. Women need to learn the true strength of their brains!
    Julie Anderson

  4. That sounds like an interesting specialty. Julie, you should check out the Redwood Sisterhood and share that gift with the Sisters. I hope you check it out. http://www.RedwoodSisterhood.com- Thanks for your comment. Patty